Madagascar - Highlands 2010

Above : Antananarivo
Below : Between the capital and Antsirabe, the life on the Central Highlands

Aluminium workshop

The city is known about two things : the coldest and having the greatest number of pousse-pousse (rickshaw) in Madagascar. There are warm springs and a thermal bath, which was especially famous in the 19th century.

Lake Tritriva & Andraikiba lakes 
The Tritriva Lake is a volcanic lake, located near the village of Belazao. The lake fills an extinct crater in a region notable also for the presence of many hot springs. It sits in the vent of an oval volcanic cone enclosed in vertical gneiss cliffs. The lake's water level drops during the rainy season and rises when the monsoon rains have ceased, it is an average of 160 meters deep.
Read more about Tritriva Lake on Wikipedia

Family crypt
The Famadihana is a funerary tradition of the Malagasy people in Madagascar, known as the turning of the bones.
Read more about the Famadihana on Wikipedia

Betafo & the savannah at the East side of the Highlands

Betafo thermal bath station


Tunde Pelyvas said...

Thanks for taking me to this corner of the world where I may never go.

I Hendy Faizal (egon) said...

... amazing pictures ! ...they pull my desire to visit Madagascar.. i just read the arcticles about "the founder" of Madagascar published by inter-national Scientists based on the DNA's of Malagasi.. and they came from Nusantara (Indonesia)- my natives land - since 1200 - 2000 years ago..

IL said...

thanks for your comment... and yes, it is right, the largest number of the people of Madagascar, the Malagasi are originally from South Asia, for example Indonesia and Malaysia. But when you go further to west, you can see more the African origin (the Sacalavas for example)...

Anonymous said...

Merci pour ces belles photos,c'est vrai que c'est un pays à multiples facettes et à découvrir, je fais un peu de pub pour mon pays d'origine ;)

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