Malaysia - Kota Bharu & around 2004

Kampung Laut Mosque
Above & below : "It is the oldest surviving mosque in Malaysia, was built in the 1730s, with architectural styles that reflect most of the characteristics of traditional local architecture, and suitable to local climate, just like the local houses around the area. The mosque was badly hit by flood at the end of 1966 and early 1967. As a result, the State Government had to close down the mosque and build a new mosque in a safer location. In November 1967, the State Government in association with the Malaysia History Society and the National Museum dismantled and rebuilt the mosque on its present location at Nilam Puri, the Centre of Islamic Study in Kelantan. Every effort was done to faithfully preserve its original architecture with the maximum use of original materials. However, only the main part of the mosque was able to be rebuilt."

Kuala Krai zoo

The caracteristic civet cat from this area.

Three major populations (Malays, Indians, Chinese), three major religions

The indians are hinduist...

The huge Thai population nearby the border are buddhist like Chinese...

Malays are Islamist...

Kota Bharu
"On 1 October 2005, the city was declared Kota Bharu, The Islamic City (Kota Bharu Bandaraya Islam). This title is given to the city which observes Islamic principles in every aspect of daily life. The Azan (prayer call), can be heard everywhere, even in shopping malls. All activities in the city must be stopped for a while to respect the Azan.
One of the most significant Islamic influences is the prevalence of Jawi script (a modified form of Arabic script in writing the Malay language) in the names of streets, shops, signboards and restaurants.
The Kelantan state government under PAS, a conservative Islamic party has implemented some Islamic laws. These include switching on lights in cinemas during screening time until cinemas were closed down and separate check-out counters in supermarkets for males and females and khalwat, the Islamic rule on proximity between males and females, which is applied only to Muslims."
Read more about Kota Bharu on Wikipedia

Soon we cross the strait for going to a beautiful island...


Tunde Pelyvas said...

Interesting history I've never heard of.

JT said...

And of course there are "OTHERS", the Dutch, British and Japanese all "passed by" leaving bits of culture and influences in the architecture. Beautiful images, Lazlo.

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